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Clackamas Middle College

Education in Happy Valley,OR

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12021 SE 82nd Avenue
Happy Valley, OR, 97086
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About This Business

Clackamas Middle College (CMC) is a four-year high school college transition program enrolling 300 students in grades 9-12. It is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission. While CMC is sponsored by the North Clackamas School District, some of our students live in neighboring districts. Between 130-170 students are enrolled in our unique College Prep Program which prepares students for college classes. Around 35-50 students begin their transition to college classes in our Pathways to College Program. Over 115 of our students participate in our College Extended Options (CEO) program by enrolling in community college courses.

The school opened in September, 2003, and to this date, Clackamas Middle College has graduated over 400 students, all of which left us with college transcripts, college credits and college transfer degrees or college certificates.

CMC is designed to give students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously with the goal of earning a high school diploma, a transfer degree, or certificate of completion. Students begin their courses in our College Prep Program on our campus and transition to college classes through our Pathways to College (PTC) and College Extended Options (CEO) Programs at Clackamas Community College. Six on-campus teachers, two counselors, one school-to-careers coordinator, one administrator, and one secretary collaborate extensively with each other and our community college partners to maximize student success. Visiting instructors from Clackamas Community College come to the CMC campus daily and teach classes throughout the year. Other students take their courses exclusively at community colleges through our Pathways to College (PTC) and College Extended Options (CEO) Programs.


  • Critical thinking
  • Multiple modes of assessment
  • Post-secondary preparation
  • Student involvement
  • Student-centered environment

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